asparagusGood news for your vegetarian friends—and really, for all you carnivores, too.

We’ve just added a new starter to our menu: asparagus.

We take about dozen tall, green stalks, pan-fry them in butter—smoked paprika butter—and finish them off with slivered ribbons of preserved lemon and a light sprinkling of sea gathered at the Oregon coast.

That’s it. Simple, easy, quick and tasty. Well, preserving the lemons takes time, as does getting all that butter paprika-y.

And sure, by the time you’ve packed away your Pork Cheeks or your Smoked Beef Brisket, your pee’s gonna already start to small funny.

But who cares?* It’s a small price to pay for something that not only tastes good, but that’s really good for you, too.

*Seriously: who cares?


good life sweet asWe frequently rotate our canned beers in order to showcase just what this region’s craft brewers are up to.

What you may not know is that we do it for us, too.

And one of our favorites right now is Bend-based GoodLife Brewing’s Sweet As Pacific Ale.

Why do we like it so much?

  • It’s got a 6 percent ABV
  • It’s smooth
  • It’s sessionable
  • It’s got just a trace of the right kind of bitter
  • And, above all, it pairs with everything

Ask us to pop a cap, and see so for yourself while you wait it with anything. We know we’ll be popping some for ourselves—once our shifts end, that is.


carrie nationIf you’re looking to stick a 21st-century thumb in the eye of a 20th-century cause, consider the boys at Carlton Cyderworks.

They’ve got but four ciders, but they’ve cheekily named one of them after the wielder of hatchets, smasher of kegs, smiter of barrels and all around killjoy, Carrie Nation.

It leans a little sweeter than their other ciders, but that doesn’t mean it won’t gone down nice and smooth with white, meaty and creamy things: think Smoked Half Chickens or Pulled Pork with Cole Slaw and Macaroni and Cheese.

And while it’s less dry, it’s as equally as potent as Carlton’s other ciders: it’s got an ABV of 6.25 percent, which crushes most of our canned beers. And it comes in a half-liter bottle.

Get you some the next time you’re in. Bible not included, but you can bring your own, if you want to.


racer 5While it may sound hubristic for the brewers of Racer 5 IPA to brag that “there’s a trophy in every glass” of their flagship beer, they do have a point: it’s been winning awards and festivals since 1999.

That it drinks good doesn’t hurt either. In fact, it drinks pretty damned good.

In fact, we think this Bear Republic beer is so in line with what we do that we’ve decided to abandon our Cans Only policy just to share it with you.

So yeah. It comes in a bottle, but it’s mighty (7.5 percent ABV), it pairs impossibly well with creamy, spicy things (think racks of ribs or hot links paired with double orders of mac) and, for being a heavyweight, it’s slyly smooth.

So get’cher motor running, belly up and go for spicy and creamy.

Just keep in mind that 7.5 percent ain’t no joke.



CBGC wineYeah, yeah. We mix cocktails now. And we’ve always served beer. In cans. In Koozies.

But we also serve what’s probably the most neglected menu item on any barbecuer’s menu: wine.

And boy (and girl), do have some keepers.

See, our wine list’s been recently updated. Not just updated, but curated. Intuitively curated, in fact.

So when you need a sipper to class up your Smoked Chicken, cole slaw and pickled vegetables, we’ve know exactly what to send your way.

And that just the right wine’s Grochau Cellar’s Argentine-inspired CBGC Malbec.

It straddles those tightrope lines between spicy, delicate and bold. It’ll make your food taste better and make your heart a little happier.

Plus, for a wine, it’s a little rock ’n’ roll. Just like us. And just like you.



ciderNot really sure what’s making the two longhairs who make up Carlton Cyderworks’s logo all punchy, but they should knock it the hell off, because there’s enough cider for everyone.

Hint: that means you.

If you like cider—and chances are, you increasingly do—then you should ask us to pop a cap on Carlton’s Asian Pear Cyder.

What they do is take homegrown pears from imported Asian pear trees, squeeze all the juice out, ferment it with sugar and (wipes hands) that’s it—just two ingredients.

And as far as it doing it’s job, it does. With its half-liter size and its almost 7 percent ABV, it rivals even the most potent Oregon craft beers.

Try one with your pulled pork. We did, and it’s pretty awesome.




We’re going on three years now, and we’ve never served anything by the Pacific Northwest craft brewing pioneers at RedHook Brewing.

But we are now!

Behold! RedHook’s Long Hammer IPA, with its 6.2 percent ABV and its 16 ounces, is a keeper.

It’s hoppy, but not too hoppy—dry-hopped, actually, giving it a pleasant piney punch—bitter, but not too bitter, and it’s got a bright, poppy finish.

Mostly though, it’s easily drinkable and pairs nicely with smoked meats.

Pair one with some brisket, some macaroni and cheese and our homemade celery salted-slaw.

Smoked Beef Tongue

tongueWe know that just the idea of eating tongue gives plenty of you a case of the squicks.

But here’s the thing:

Our smoked beef tongue is a delicacy. Trust us on this. If this ain’t your new favorite dish on our menu—maybe even your new favorite dish in town—then there may be something wrong with your own taster.

Slivers of tongue are plated with roasted pickled beets, pickled fennel and a schmear of and our Deviled Eggs egg yolk.

But it’s the tongue that really does the trick.

Now tongues can be tricky if the cook doesn’t know what he’s doing—they can be tough and chewy and, well, sorta icky.

But BJ does know what he’s doing—he braises our tongues for two hours, then smokes them for three, so that they’re soft, tender and irresistibly edible.

Kiss the cow, people. Kiss the cow.


chickenSo why do chickens cross the road (lined up here like pretty little ducks, all in a row)?

To mock Michael Bluth’s hobbledehoyishness?

To cannibalize another chicken? (They are mean and nasty, you know, and jurassically stupid.)


They cross the road to get rubbed and smoked on the regs.

And to get chopped in half.

And to get eaten.

By you.

With some greens.

And some slaw.

And a beer and a shot.

It’s what’s for dinner.

And lunch.

And if it’s Happy Hour, we do ‘em slider style, too.

Barbecued smoked chicken: It’s about as vegan as we get.

*Man, that really is kinduva funny word, ain’t it?


teaYou can’t have a proper restaurant and not serve iced tea.

And you can’t have a barbecue joint and not sweeten that ice tea.

Which is why we do it both ways.

Of course, you can always ask us to cut that tea, sweetened or un, by Shirley Templing it into an Arnold Palmer with some lemonade,.

And lastly, you can always ask us to serve you your iced tea a fourth way by spiking your Arnold Palmer with a shot of vodka, turning thusly your AP into a John Daley.

Of course, if you do, cigarettes and ex-wives are sold separately.


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